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Showcasing My Work: A Collection of TV Commercials for Educational Supplements

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

The newspaper industry faces tough competition in today's digital world. However, one way they have stayed relevant is through their educational campaigns. One such campaign is the collection of educational booklets that come with each edition of the newspaper. These booklets cover a wide range of topics, from financial advice to good writing practices.

As a motion graphic designer, I had the opportunity to work on these booklets' promotional videos. I was tasked with creating animated videos that would showcase the value of these educational booklets to the newspaper's audience. I used my expertise in motion graphics to create engaging visuals and animations that effectively conveyed the benefits of these booklets.

Through the use of dynamic text, colorful illustrations, and lively animation, I was able to create videos that not only highlighted the educational value of the booklets but also encouraged readers to collect them. The videos were shared on social media and played in movie theaters before feature films, ensuring that the campaign reached a wide audience.

Working on this project was an exciting opportunity for me as a motion graphic designer. It allowed me to use my skills to help promote the importance of education and reading in today's society.


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