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Creating 3D Object Dispersion: Showcasing My Animation Work with Element 3D

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Welcome to my blog where I showcase my experience in creating 3D animations using Element 3D, a powerful plugin for After Effects created by Video Copilot. In this article, I want to share with you some of my animation work using the advanced technique of 3D object dispersion.

Element 3D allows you to automatically create particles from multiple pieces of a 3D object and distribute them in 3D space. This technique can be used to disassemble a product or show what's inside an object. The rendering is fast even at high resolutions, making it an ideal tool for creating stunning visual effects.

To animate multiple pieces using Element 3D, I utilized the multi-object feature. It allowed me to scatter the pieces, adjust the random rotation, and even do a random size on each of the pieces. The displace function, which is a spatial movement, was also used to animate the objects. By animating the Y amount, I moved the position of the pieces back to where they were coming out of.

In my animation work, I used only a few keyframes for the entire animation, which is great for visualizing things like an engine part or a product that needs to be broken up into pieces to see what's inside. The animation engine of Element 3D is also an intelligent way to animate all of our particles.

In conclusion, Element 3D is an advanced plugin for After Effects that can help us create stunning 3D animations. With the technique of 3D object dispersion, we can create visual effects that were previously impossible. I hope this article has been helpful to you and inspires you to explore the world of 3D animations with Element 3D.


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