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La Prensa Live: The Innovative Micronewscast from Nicaragua's Leading Newspaper

La Prensa Live is an innovative project by "La Prensa," the renowned national newspaper that leverages digital platforms to diversify its offerings. Produced by La Prensa's staff, each of the audiovisual pieces on the platform covers a wide range of topics, from sports and politics to culture and international events, mainly focused on the national context.

As part of the project, I was given the task of creating the logo and branding, always keeping in mind the color palette of Grupo Editorial La Prensa. The result was a dynamic and modern design that reflects the project's innovation and the newspaper's longstanding reputation.

La Prensa Live is a bold move by La Prensa to provide its audience with high-quality, real-time news coverage on a variety of topics. The platform's easy accessibility and broad range of coverage make it an essential source of information for audiences across Nicaragua and beyond.


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