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Creating the Logo for Grupo Editorial La Prensa's 94th Anniversary

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Grupo Editorial La Prensa celebrated its 94th anniversary in 2020, and I was given the opportunity to design a logo for this significant event. In this blog post, I will take you through the creative process that went into designing the logo.

The challenge was to create a logo that was consistent with the previous ones but also innovative and visually appealing. I started with some sketches on Sketchbook, exploring different ideas and concepts. Given that it's a newspaper company, I wanted to incorporate the idea of paper, and I eventually settled on a design that looked like a folded paper ribbon in different colors.

Once I had finalized the design, I moved to Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it and give it a cleaner and more precise look. After that, I used Cinema 4D to turn the 2D logo into a 3D model. This allowed me to experiment with different materials and lighting setups to find the best possible look for the logo.

The next step was to animate the logo using After Effects. I wanted to create a version that could be used as an intro or outro for videos, as well as a standalone animation that could be used for online purposes. The animation included the logo unfolding and folding back into itself, with a nice camera movement that highlighted the different colors and materials of the ribbon.

The final result was a versatile and modern logo that captured the essence of the company's long history while also looking towards the future. It was used in all the materials related to the anniversary celebration, from print to digital, and received positive feedback from the client and the audience.

Creating this logo was a great experience that allowed me to explore different design techniques and tools. It was an honor to be part of such an important milestone for Grupo Editorial La Prensa, and I hope to continue creating meaningful and impactful designs for them in the future.


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