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Refreshing Branding and Animated Show Package for Grupo Editorial La Prensa

Updated: Mar 31

Grupo Editorial La Prensa is one of the most important newspapers in Nicaragua and had the pleasure of working with them to refresh their brand and create an animated show package to be used for news segments and other video content. The new branding was based on a color palette of cyan and blue, which are characteristic of their existing brand identity.

For the animated show package, I proposed a concept that would incorporate elements of the existing brand, while also creating a fresh and modern look. This involved creating a dynamic animated intro for news segments, using a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques. The new show package not only looks great, but also provides a cohesive visual identity for all of their video content.


In addition to creating the show package, I also worked on various spots for their advertising campaigns, which incorporated the new branding. This allowed me to showcase the brand in a variety of contexts, including TV commercials and social media ads. The end result was a successful rebranding effort that helped Groupo Editorial La Prensa maintain their position as a leader in the Nicaraguan media landscape.

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