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Financial Wisdom in Motion: A Compilation of Animated Advertisements

Another exciting aspect of my work as a motion graphic designer for the newspaper industry was collaborating on the creation of financial education booklets. These booklets provided readers with valuable financial advice, covering topics such as budgeting, saving, and investing.

As a motion graphic designer, I was tasked with creating videos to promote these booklets and explain the benefits of financial education. I worked closely with the financial education team to ensure that the videos accurately reflected the content of the booklets.

Through the use of clean, professional design and clear, concise animation, I was able to create videos that effectively conveyed the value of financial education to the newspaper's audience. These videos were shared on social media and played in movie theaters, ensuring that the message reached a broad audience.

Working on these financial education booklets was an exciting challenge. As a motion graphic designer, it was a great opportunity to apply my skills to an important social issue and contribute to the public's financial literacy.


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