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Joa Fragrance: A Creative Campaign for a Personal Perfume

As a graphic designer, I'm always looking for ways to showcase my creativity and expand my portfolio. That's why I decided to create a pilot project for a fragrance campaign called Joa Fragrance, which will be available for both men and women. My goal is to not only create a visually stunning campaign but to also push the limits of what I can do as a designer.

For this project, I started with the women's version and used a range of tools to bring it to life. After designing the bottle using Cinema 4D and rendering it with Vray, I turned to Photoshop to create banners and mockups that showcased the fragrance in various settings. These visuals helped me to visualize how the final campaign would look and feel.

One challenge I faced during this process was finding the right model to represent the fragrance. I wanted to avoid using a random stock photo of someone I didn't know, so I decided to create a unique model for the campaign. To do this, I used FaceApp to feminize some of my own photos and create a stunning blonde woman for the campaign. I was amazed by the results, and I felt like I had created something truly unique.

With this model representing the brand, I created additional mockups of the advertising campaign on the streets, including posters on bus stops and billboards. Using the mockups, I could see how the Joa Fragrance campaign would come to life on the streets, and this helped me refine the visual elements of the campaign and ensure that it conveyed the right message to potential customers.

In addition to the bottle design and model, I also created a teaser video for the campaign. The video showcases the fragrance bottles levitating, and it ends with a digitally altered voiceover announcing the perfume's slogan, "The new fragrance collection by Joa." I wanted the video to be a visual representation of the brand's unique and innovative approach to fragrance design.

Throughout the campaign, I used a variety of tools and techniques to bring my vision to life. I incorporated artificial intelligence into the project with FaceApp, which allowed me to create a unique model for the campaign. I also used Cinema 4D and Vray to create a realistic and visually stunning bottle design, and I used my graphic design skills to create banners and mockups that showcased the fragrance in various settings.

My hope is that this project will not only serve as a successful fragrance campaign but also as a testament to what can be achieved when you push the boundaries of your creativity. By incorporating new tools and techniques, I was able to create a truly unique and visually stunning campaign that represents the Joa Fragrance brand perfectly.


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