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Personalized T-Shirt Design Project: Showcasing Nicaraguan Culture and JOA Branding

As part of my portfolio, I have been working on a personal project creating custom-designed t-shirts that are inspired by the brand JOA and Nicaragua. Although these designs are not yet available for sale, I have created high-quality 3D renders using Cinema 4D to showcase how they would look in a physical store.

In addition to designing the t-shirts themselves, I also utilized Cinema 4D to create mockups of the store where they would be sold. This allowed me to visualize how the store would look and make any necessary changes before actually bringing the store to life.

Overall, this project has allowed me to hone my skills in 3D design and visualization while also exploring my passion for fashion and branding. While these t-shirts are currently just a project, I hope to bring them to life in the future and share them with others who share my love for unique and creative design.


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