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Motion Graphic Design for Noticias LPTV

Updated: Apr 1

As a motion graphic designer, I had the opportunity to create the entire graphic line for Noticias LPTV, the first live online news show in Nicaragua. The project was a step forward in the modernization of information, breaking with traditional news models and offering new alternatives to users of the internet.

Using 3D elements, metallic textures, and glass finishes, I designed a variety of animated materials such as transitions, information boxes, lower thirds, segment intros, international sports, time indicators, micro-news, and special news coverage vignettes. The color palette drew inspiration from famous news shows like CNN, with shades of blue dominating the visual scheme.

Noticias LPTV was a groundbreaking project that gave viewers the option to watch the news show online at from any platform with internet access, not just in front of a TV. The project helped project the country's image in terms of information, giving both Nicaraguans and people abroad the chance to keep up with news in a different format.

The show aired live on the website from Monday to Friday at 4:30 pm, and viewers could follow news comments on social media using the hashtag #NoticiasLPTV on Twitter and Facebook. All broadcasts were recorded and stored on, just in case viewers missed the live airing.

Noticias LPTV ended its live broadcasts in April 2016 to evolve into new projects that better served the needs of web and mobile technology users. The project marked a significant milestone in my career as a motion graphic designer, and I'm proud to have been a part of such an innovative initiative.

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